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A delivery service right in your pocket. We have made it too easy for you to place your order and receive your delivery via a user-friendly mobile app.

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You can now order from almost any restaurant in the city. We've made it so easy, you can now enjoy your time in activities you love the most and still eat great!

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Update Darewro Android App

Darewro Services

Darewro is striving to bring the maximum ease in your life by offering you a wide range of services.

Food from the restaurants of choice

You can now order from almost any restaurant in the city. We've made it so easy. We have made it possible to enjoy Chinese, continental and Thai food without leaving your couch. Now enjoy your time in activities you love the most and still eat great!

Clothes from your tailor

Only in Saddar area, we have partnered with more than 480 tailors. Now you can order via our app or hotline 091-724-1-724 and have your clothes at your doorstep.

Grocery and medicines

We are relieving you from the fatigue of grocery shopping and purchasing medicines. We have made it too easy for you to shop for the grocery items you need or prescribed medicines and have it delivered to you within an hour.

Why Choose us

Our story is straightforward; we believe in empowering our customers by enabling them to do more, feel better and live happier. We also believe that services delivery must be a hassle-free and exciting process. We aim to transform the everyday experiences of businesses on how to send and receive their goods and also empowering them by expanding horizon of customers for them. We are also empowering them via our state-of-the-art technology.

Cusomized Delivery Services

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Through Darewro, you can customize the services delivery as per your needs. Our efficient management team and professional riders are always striving to make the services provision, a lovely experience for you.

Safety and Security

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We are ensuring security both of your orders and your personal data. From the picking end till its delivery, our supervisory team observes the status of your order and ensures its timely and perfect delivery.

Speed of Delivery

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With an extensive staff both in field and management, every nook and cranny of Peshawar is accessible in minutes. Through Darewro, it has become possible now to have whatever you want, from wherever you want in less than an hour.


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Here at Darewro, we are striving our level best to deliver reliable customer service. We are working on every channel that can enhance the reliability in services delivery, like: 1. Making the whole Peshawar tidy, safe and organized efficiently from services delivery perspective. 2. Our competent operations team remain busy 24X7 to prepare and arrange everything they need to deal with our valued customers. 3. Here at Darewro, we always ensure to make realistic customer service promises to our valued customers 5. We always try to ensure that our promises balance the needs of our customers.


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Professionalism is the essence of Darewro. Here at Darewro, we love our work. This love and enthusiasm leads to heighten professionalism.

Special Needs

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Darewro has a highly flexible model and its services can always be tailored as per your needs. Like, setting abroad, you can celebrate the birthdays/anniversaries of your loved ones or mothers/fathers day at 11th hour. Just assign us the task and relax. We are here to do whatever you want in a far better way than you imagine.


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Very few companies has both the qualities of efficient yet economical. Darewro is one among such companies. Here at Darewro, we are giving you the excellent quality services at a very nominal charges.

Ease of placing order

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Darewro is offering you multi-channels for ordering. You can order via Website, App, our facebook page or call at 03000 341 381.